Brunswick Real Estate forms Kielo, a real estate company investing in Finland, and completes its first acquisition

Brunswick Real Estate today announced the formation of Kielo, a real estate company aiming to acquire high quality commercial real estate in growing cities in Finland, together with its investors. Kielo has completed its first transaction acquiring a 40,000 sqm office property in Tampere from Aberdeen Standard Investment.

Kielo’s investment mandate is broad and flexible, enabling the company to pursue opportunities in growing cities in Finland. The objective is to create a property portfolio in excess of EUR 1 billion over the coming years. Kielo’s investment strategy will be focused on high quality assets in prime locations generating high and stable returns through active and local asset management. Kielo will be managed by Brunswick Real Estate.

Patrik Andersson, Partner at Brunswick Real Estate said:
“This is an opportune time in the business cycle for a well-capitalised and experienced team to assemble and actively manage a real estate portfolio in Finland. We believe Kielo will be a strong partner to the industry and we are excited about growing this company.”

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