Welcome back and new website!




After a wonderful summer we are welcoming back our customers, LAMPs and the Kielo team from summer vacation! We are looking forward to everything that will come this fall and winter and are excited to let you know more in the coming months. Kielo also welcomes its official new main website which was launched this week! Here you can read more about available premises, our properties and our philosophy. 

Back from the holidays

Kielo is closing in on its second year as a property company and it has been a fantastic journey so far together with our LAMPs and customers. Our buildings have been experiencing low activity this summer due to holidays, but now our customers are back for a new and exciting season. In total we have almost 300 customers around Finland, companies in all different sizes. In total there are more than 13,500 people working in the Kielo buildings – a number that we are very proud of! We hope that they are as excited to get back to work as we are.

New website

In addition – this week we also get to introduce our new website www.kieloproperties.fi 
On this website you can find more information about our company, our locations and available premises. Also, we will regularly post news about our different initiatives across the Kielo portfolio and you will get to know different people in our organisation.
The website will function as the main website for Kielo, however it’s not our first!

For our customers in Jyväskylä we also have another site, which is ran by our Jyväskylä team – Kielo Office Solutions.

We look forward to hear your feedback on this page and are open to all ideas regarding future content!

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