We believe in a sustainable approach

We at Kielo believe sustainability should be integrated into all aspects of the operations of a business.

We recognize that the real estate sector has a significant impact on the surroundings and the environment. Therefore, Kielo aims to be a responsible property owner with the objective to improve our buildings and decrease their negative environmental impact. We have integrated a sustainable approach into all aspects of our operations.

Our sustainable projects have a clear positive environmental effect and have also come to benefit our customers – who benefit from lower energy costs. We are also working on a large environmental certification project, with the goal to certify all Kielo buildings according to LEED® or BREEAM®.

How do we define sustainable asset management?

Sustainable asset management means that we understand that our buildings have an ecological and social impact on their surroundings, in all stages of a property’s life cycle.

Kielo’s goal is to understand the impact of our management activities. That means that we encourage and conduct positive impact investments as well as decrease activities with a negative impact. With a sustainable asset management approach, we can be an active property owner that takes responsibility and creates value both in short and long-term for our customers the cities we are active in.

Our active sustainability work

We have implemented a number of energy efficiency projects in our portfolio and are working on many more projects. Our sustainable investments aim both to improve our buildings and reach our sustainability goals. The sustainable investments we have done so far has also been beneficial our customers – who have been able to reduce energy costs.

A vast majority of the completed and on-going sustainable investments include a number of energy efficiency projects. Together with our local partners, we are constantly analyzing our portfolio from a sustainable perspective to find aspects to develop and improve. In many of our projects, we cooperate with our customers or the city.

These projects will come to benefit and create value for:

  • Our customers
  • The environment and the use of resources or
  • The community and the surrounding area

By investing in energy efficient solutions we have been able to lower the energy costs for our customers as well! This means our customers can benefit from lower energy costs as well as a positive environmental impact.

If you want to hear more or have any ideas – we believe that the key to sustainable development is collaboration!

Please let us know!

Environmental certifications

As part of our improvement work with our buildings, Kielo’s ambition is to manage properties with a strong green profile, low energy use and efficient use of other resources. To measure these improvements and be able to set new targets across the portfolio, we focus on two international environmental certifications – LEED® and BREEAM®. Both are internationally established and recognised certification systems. In early 2019 we decided to certify all properties in the Kielo portfolio. By doing so we can track our environmental improvements and investments and also help our customers reach their environmental goals.